Sunday, July 15, 2007

Should A-Rod Stay With The Yankees?

I'm sure most of you have already seen or heard about Cynthia Rodriguez, wife of Alex Rodriguez, wearing an inappropriate shirt in the stands at Yankee Stadium a couple of weeks ago. This kind of behavior is obviously unacceptable, and she should have been made to change her shirt, put another shirt over it, or more appropriately, have her escorted out of the stadium. I shouldn't matter that she is A-Rod's wife. Did she really think making this profound statement in front of our children was a good idea?

The question is, should A-Rod stay with the Yankees? When Kris Benson was with the Mets, his very outspoken and flamboyant wife, Anna, was seemingly the reason the Mets traded him to the Orioles after the 2005 season. I personally thought it was a good move especially upon reading that Anna wore a low cut, red Santa outfit to a Mets holiday party. We certainly don't need that kind of trash representing our New York baseball teams.

What do you think?

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