Saturday, July 28, 2007

Play, Kyle, Play!

When I first heard of the bone-headed move by the Eastern Region Little League office to remove third baseman Kyle Lacy from the South Vineland All-Star team due to an error on their part, I was outraged. How can an organization punish a 12-year old for something that was no fault of his own or that of the South Vineland Little League?

An appeal was filed and after the case was reviewed, I am happy to report that Easter Region Little League has reinstated Kyle in time for the game on Friday, July 27.

While common sense ultimately prevailed in this case, you have to wonder if cases similar to Kyle's are being handled by the Eastern Region Little League? I understand that more egregious cases of deception were processed in the past, but a situation such as Kyle's was clearly a no-brainer.

You also have to wonder if any of these league officials have kids of their own. What if one their kids was caught in a situation similar to Kyle's. I think we can all answer that question...

Play, Kyle, play!

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